Park volunteers

Become an active volunteer at your nature reserve!
Volunteers are always welcome to become involved in the volunteer programme at the nature reserve.
As part of a team led by the nature reserve’s full-time staff members you can do your bit in conserving valuable ecosystems, plants and animals.

Select among the following activities at Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve:

  • Environmental education/visitor services
  • Protecting species/conserving endangered plants
  • Measuring ground water levels
  • Taking stock of endangered plant species
  • Documentation for the information and control system
  • Documentation for the water level measuring system

Contact person and volunteer coordinator is Uwe Brückner (Phone +49 34904 40612).

Volunteers spread the word at regional market

The sun shone brightly on thousands of visitors who came in droves to Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve on 25 April for the traditional Middle Elbe Biosphere Market which took place this year as part of the 8th Elbe Cycling Day. Kids could climb trees and a man-made spider’s web and adults were invited to purchase regional products.  Many booths offered information about the biosphere reserve as well as games and fun activities for the visitors. At the booth of the Friends of Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, two young volunteers led craft activities using natural materials. Befitting this volunteer work, a large banner called attention to “Park Volunteers”. Visitors could find out more about the volunteer programme of the National Natural Landscapes at this booth.

Event: Counselling & Volunteering

 Just like the year before a special volunteers’ event was held in 2011 as part of the cooperation Counselling & Natural Landscapes initiated by EUROPARC. During the week of civic volunteering from 16 to 25 September, Lebenshilfe Dessau supported Förder- und Landschaftspflegeverein Biosphärenreservat „Mittelelbe“ e.V. with the fruit harvest. Joint harvesting took place on Friday, 23 September 2011 at 10.00 am at the wild fruit orchard at Kühnauer Park in Dessau. The apples were taken to a fruit press and made into the naturally cloudy regional juice called “Wörlitzer Apfeltraum”.  

Contact person: Birgit Krummhaar

Förder- und Landschaftspflegeverein
Biosphärenreservat "Mittelelbe" e.V. (FÖLV)
Johannisstr. 18
06844 Dessau- Roßlau

Phone: +49 340 2206141
Fax:  +49 340 2206143

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