"Auenpfade" Education Trail System

Beauty and diversity characterize the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve. In order to provide direction and information to the visitors on-site, an educational trail system has been developed in some regions. Information signs have been erected in 19 characteristic areas of the reserve. Depending on the interests and preferences of the visitors, they can choose a trail ranging from the "Dornburger Mosaik" to the "Vockerode-Wörlitz". The goal of the trails is make the visitor more sensitive to the local environment and the functions of the reserve. Information is provided not only concerning native species and habitats, but also about the history and land-use in the respective regions.
Although these trails provide opportunities for recreation and wildlife observation, they were not primarily designed for these purposes, rather to be illustrative samples of what exists in the reserve. The Expo 2000 group for Saxony-Anhalt has cooperated in the development of the trail system. The signs were created by a design team.

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